Oh yes indeed, apparently celebrants are officially hot! According to this rather fabulous feature on Country House Wedding Venues, personal ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. Now this is a trend to love!

So why are celebrant-led ceremonies the new wedding must-have? Well, I think it's quite simple really - individual ceremonies are the ultimate in wedding personalisation.

For so long, couples have made their wedding day their own with flowers and themes, details and DIY and oodles of other wedding accessories. It's seemed as if the only part of the day that had really stayed the same was the ceremony itself. The format and wording of wedding ceremonies hadn't changed for decades, even centuries, and every couple says the same thing, in the same way, regardless of their own circumstances or situation.

But now, with a wedding celebrant by your side, your ceremony can be the ultimate personal wedding day flourish. You can tell your own story, say the words that mean the most to you and include everyone and everything that you want. There are no rules and that alone makes these ceremonies all kinds of brilliant.

So, whilst I'm enjoying be officially hot and on-trend, I'm also right here if you want to talk about your wedding ceremony. Just get in touch and take the first step towards a truly individual wedding.