And here we are in 2019. I’m already looking forward to a year packed full of fabulous weddings but I know that for many couples, this time of year is all about wedding planning. So, let me introduce you to The Annual by Coco Wedding Venues.


The Annual is all about inspiration and plenty of practical advice. It’s a beautiful beautiful planning magazine and over the 300 pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about creating a day that will be truly yours.

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that some of my words of wedding wisdom have made it into The Annual. I’m talking about bring fully present on your wedding day, not letting distractions (digital or otherwise) get in the way of the most memorable moments of your life.

This is something that I do feel really passionate about. It’s wonderful to see the reactions of guests as the bride arrives or as couples take their vows rather can standing before a sea of phones as people watch via a screen. More and more weddings I work on are ‘unplugged’ - everyone is asked to put their devices away, at least for the ceremony, so they can really be a part of things rather than being more concerned about taking photos.

However, there’s WAY more goodness in The Annual than this. Gorgeous shoots, ideas, ace advice from a whole host of top wedding professionals and much much more. It’s a wonderfully empowering read and if you need excitement or down-to-earth advice, The Annual is the best gift you could hope for.

Hop on over to Coco Wedding Venues now to have a peek inside or to download your copy.