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Lives change, challenges appear and everyday life can be complicated. It's sometimes easy to forget that your marriage is worthy of celebration. A vow renewal gives you the chance to stop, step away from 'the norm' for a little while and say 'I love you still'.

Vow renewal ceremonies are a really delightful opening to any anniversary celebrations that you might be planning. Recommitting yourselves to each other in front of the people who know you and have no doubt supported you can be significant, memorable and quite amazing.

Perhaps you've been through some tough times together and now you want the world to know that you've made it, that you're unbroken and that you're still in love. We can create a vow renewal that reflects where you've been and where you're heading. Alternatively, if, for whatever reason, your wedding day wasn't as great as it should have been, a vow renewal is a fantastic way to make new memories. 

Or maybe you simply want to make new vows to take with you into the next stage of your lives together. There's no one reason why couples hold vow renewals except, of course, for love.

An initial complimentary Skype or phone consultation and a personal welcome pack when you book.

A meeting (or Skype call if that's more convenient for you) to talk about your renewal. We'll go through all of your options and discuss all of your plans in great detail. 

A bespoke vow renewal, typically lasting 15-20 minutes, written by me just for you (I don't recycle content or trot out the same words again and again!). I'll also help you write your own vows if you need me to and I can create individual elements for your ceremony.

A rehearsal so everyone is totally comfortable with the format of the ceremony and can relax and enjoy the occasion.

My attendance on the day to conduct your vow renewal. I usually arrive forty-five minutes before you're due to start so I'm available if anything should crop up at the last moment.

A presentation copy of your ceremony and a few more treats along the way...

You'll find more details about the process and guideline pricing (including details of a few optional extras) in the Wild & Oak brochure. Request your copy here or get in touch to arrange a time to chat.